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Gobblenot The Original Greedy Dog Bowl

Nicola Cardy is also the inventor and patent holder of “Gobblenot” the original greedy dog bowl. If your dog has a habit of bolting down its food, visit the website for more information. Click here to visit the website.

• Voted best performer in Your Dog magazine

• Used and recommended by vets

• Certified non-toxic

“I thought I bought a dog Is there a zip I haven’t seen For I am sure I have a pig in there Or something in between Maybe there are some batteries Or somewhere for a plug Or a switch to slow down eating To a pace more like a slug That snout is like a hoover Just sucking up food Then she makes it reappear Just to put me in a mood I rack my brains for what to do Then I came up with a plot I designed a bowl with lumps and bumps And Called it Gobblenot.”